This week, inspired by the Olympics, I have a lot to say about talent. How do you know if you have the talent for voice over? How do you know if you will embarrass yourself or waste your time and money trying to get started?

Look, some people are just not cut out for voiceovers. I’m not cut out to be a research scientist, computer technician or championship volleyball player. When someone throws the ball to me, I duck!

But in my 20 years of mentoring and training voice talent, I’ve seen some amazing success stories, people I thought would never make it who did. I’ve had students who stuttered (but could control it on mic), worked with people with severe physical disabilities, and had students who were hearing and visually impaired. Their courage and perseverance amazes me.

Frankly, I was mediocre at best when I began, but I kept in the game, working with the best mentors I could find and striving to perfect my skills. Today, they call me talented, but talent is a gift developed in action.

Our gifts increase when we put them to use to benefit others, to serve. Unused they shrivel and atrophy, becoming even more difficult to reclaim with time.
Some of this is Aristotle’s fault. The great philosopher believed we are potential becoming something great. But actually, the reverse is true. We have greatness within that is increased and developed in action, but we decay into potential when we don’t share who we are.

In fact, we are obliged to share our talents, to increase them in action and service or suffer the pangs of painful event.

I have more to say about this in today’s brief video. Click to watch it here…


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