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How to do everything right in voice over

Susan Berkley, the signature voice of Citibank, Will Personally Walk You Through A Proven Voice Over Performance And Marketing System To Start Your Home-Based Voice Over Business, Attract New Clients And Get Them To Use You Again And Again

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July 11-12 2020
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A message from Susan Berkley
Signature voice of Citibank
Founder, The Great Voice Company

Can I let you in on a BIG SECRET about voice over many people miss?

As incredible as it sounds, success in voice over has almost nothing to with the sound of your voice.

The #1 reason people don’t succeed is that they don’t have a proven marketing plan.

In fact, for many people the very thought of having to market and sell their services makes them uncomfortable and they don’t even know where to begin.

Sound familiar?

Join me and a tiny group of your voice over peers at the Mic To Money Bootcamp at The Great Voice Studios in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

At this beginner-friendly 2 ½ day workshop, I will walk you through the essentials of my proven voice over performance framework, how to attract and keep the best clients and get paid good money for your work.

You will finally get crystal clear on your best voice over niche, how to perform any script like a pro, how to price your services without scaring prospects away… and that’s just for starters.

You will leave knowing exactly how to set up and use your home studio and delight your customers. Plus, you’ll get all the nitty-gritty step by step details for starting and running a thriving home-based voice over business.

But it won’t end there…

For 2 additional months, my team and I will continue to coach you, direct you, and hold you accountable for implementation so you aren’t tempted to procrastinate and postpone (again), make excuses, fall behind and fail to follow up on what you’ve learned.

Is this you?

  • You’ve been thinking about doing voice overs for years but you’re feeling overwhelmed and haven’t been able to get started.
  • You are confused, unsure and stalled about key fundamentals such as your best voice over niche
  • You’re looking for an interesting and enjoyable money hobby to do now or in retirement.
  • You’re fed up with your day job and looking for a way to have fun and do something that ignites your passion.
  • Because of your busy schedule, you need a comprehensive weekend training so you can get away and focus 100% on starting and succeeding in voice over.
  • You want someone you respect to hold you accountable to implement and overcome your natural tendency to procrastinate.
  • You did some voice overs, acting or radio in the past and then put your dreams on the shelf because of your day job and caring for your family. Now it’s time for YOU.
  • You have absolutely no idea how to find voice over customers, which home studio tools to use or even how to get started.

Why You Should Listen To me

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. Listen, I know there are all kinds of BS artists on the internet who make big claims and then don’t follow through. Many of these “gurus” haven’t even done what they teach.

Here are three powerful reasons to trust my expertise:

Reason 1: I practice what I preach.

I am a working voice over artist and founder of The Great Voice Company, an internationally-known audio production and training company. My company has been the trusted leader in voice over training since 1987 for thousands of beginning and emerging voice over artists world-wide You know me as a voice of AT&T and the signature telephone voice of Citibank. You’ve seen and read about me on ABC News, CNBC, To Tell The Truth, The N.Y. Times, The L.A. Times and Business Week. You may have even heard me when I was Howard Stern’s traffic reporter on New York radio back in the day.

Reason 2: I’ve developed a unique voice over marketing system to help you find voice over jobs, the same system I used to start and grow my 7-figure voice over business.

Unlike voice over artists who feel frustrated because they don’t have a workable marketing plan and waste time trying to audition just a little bit better than everybody else, you’ll start your voice over career step-by-step with our coaching and my easy to follow Mic To Money™ framework and marketing system.

Right from the start, you’ll learn how to stop focusing on your voice and grow your business by targeting a specific, group of potential customers who are a great fit for your interests, voice type and the life skills you’ve worked hard to acquire.

Reason 3: Real results.

Our graduates report dramatic growth in their business after learning and implementing my exclusive Mic To Money™ System

“I have voice over jobs every day!”

“Since working privately with you in your Marketing Mentor Coaching Program my career has really taken off! I’m working constantly voicing everything from long form E-Learning programs to corporate narrations to audio books and more! Even better, I’ve been able to raise my rates with no push back from my clients. I’m enjoying every minute of my life in voice over and I’m so grateful to you and the team at Great Voice for your support.”

Ann Coatney

Denver, CO

I just booked TWO radio spots for the NBA!

“After working intensely with Susan Berkley in not one, but two of her private mentorship programs, I’m so pleased to say my voice over career is really taking off. I landed a top talent agent in New York City, my voice is going to be on two radio commercials for the NBA Playoffs & Finals, and I’m getting steady work as an e-Learning voice talent. I’m grateful for all of these opportunities! Susan and her team at Great Voice have supported me every step of the way! I can’t thank them enough!”

Terrence Elie

New York. NY

“None of it would have happened had I not gone to your Boot Camp. Wow!”

“The voice over I did for a Kickstarter project for Soff Blanket has received support for more than ten times it’s goal and the producer has assured me that more are coming. My business is actually on-track to make a profit this year!”

David Wandelt

Jackson, NJ

“In less than a year I went from complete newcomer to actually booking my first jobs”

“I’m so grateful to you and your team for all the support you’ve given me with my new voice over career. As a graduate of your Bootcamp and member of your Marketing Mentor program, in less than a year, I went from being a complete newcomer to actually booking my first jobs! You’ve helped me with my home studio, to improve my performance and to hold me accountable as I follow the marketing plan we created together. Best of all, you always make me feel successful in everything I do. I am forever grateful for your encouragement.”

Patrice Smith

Grass Valley, CA


So that I can continue to support you and help you implement after the Bootcamp is over, Your “Speak To Profit” Charter Membership includes:

A Monthly Live Video Masterclass with Susan. Discover insider mindset and marketing secrets in an easy-to follow paint by numbers format. Topics include: how to stay motivated and overcome common ‘head trash’ and mindset issues that can derail you as you grow your business, the latest marketing secrets for growing your voice over business on line and off, technology updates and gear review, opportunities in emerging niche markets and more.

The Masterclass in Print. These printed “transcripts”, sent to you via first-class mail, are more like newsletters which you will save and refer to again and again.

Members Only Membership Site. You get a private online hub that is updated every month with your tools, masterclass, newsletter and additional tools to help you stay motivated and grow your voice over business.

Priority email access to me: Got a question? Send me an email.As long as you’re a Speak To Profit Charter Member I’ll do my best to respond within two business days.

Access To 3 additional Monthly Group Coaching Calls with voice over performance coaches Randy Dean, Tia Marlier, and me. Get feedback on your voice over performance techniques from our expert caches plus help with your success mindset from me.

And if you ever require more advanced training, Speak To Perform members get discounts. Up to 25% off many of our most popular courses including our various niche trainings on Audio Books, E-Learning and more.

At The Mic To Money Voice Over Bootcamp you’ll…

  • Master home studio recording skills
  • Enjoy performing voice overs with ease
  • Discover your perfect niche market(s) to attract a targeted group of customers who are just right for your voice and talents.
  • Confidently sell and market your voice over services, even if you’ve never sold a thing in your life.
  • Have a great group of satisfied voice over customers who stick with you and keep coming back for more

Here’s the truth: You don’t need me to learn how to do voice overs.

You can try to do everything yourself, search YouTube for free information, try to piece together your own system, learn by trial and error.

You could invest thousands of dollars on demos, workshops and classes– waste precious time, money and energy trying to figure out which information about the voice over business will get you results and what is a bunch of BS and nonsense.

Or you can follow my Mic To Money™ system which has been proven over and over to produce astonishing results for voice talent just like you.

6 months, a year from now you’ll look back and be amazed at all the progress you’ve made.

How to say Yes
(or get a your questions answered)

Call us: 800-333-8108 (201-541-8595)


1. What exactly will I get when I come to
The Mic To Money Bootcamp?

The Mic to Money Bootcamp is a beginner-friendly, 2 ½ day workshop at the Great Voice Studios in Englewood Cliffs, NJ that focuses on the three essentials of a professional home-based voice over business: performance, marketing and home studio skills.

Day One: Saturday 8:30 am-5 pm

In this hands-on performance workshop you’ll be up at the mic reading scripts, gaining confidence and having a ball as you master my proven “Perfect Performance”™ technique

You’ll discover how to:

  • Give voice buyers exactly what they want as you learn to take direction like a pro.
  • Master special performance techniques for broadcast commercials and non-broadcast voice overs such as e-learning and corporate narrations
  • Play your voice like a finely-tuned instrument
  • Stay centered and confident in every recording session

Day Two: Sunday 8:30 am-5 pm


Learn the Mic To Money Monetize Your Voice Framework and complete several of your key marketing pieces while you’re here!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Find your unique voice over niche and reach a targeted group of customers
  • Set up your voice over storefront on the freelance site Fiverr (IMPORTANT: this is NOT about selling your voice for $5. We have students making hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month on Fiverr. We’ll show you how they do it and give you step—by-step success tips and guidelines)
  • Role-play proven telephone scripts so you know exactly what to say to voice over prospects and buyers
  • Create your price sheet so you can get top dollar without scaring clients away.
  • Complete your website copy as your website takes shape before your very eyes!
  • Write a personalized demo submission letter that opens doors following my template.
  • Set up an easy-to-follow marketing calendar so you’ll know exactly what to do the minute you get home.

Day Three: Monday 9 am-Noon
Home Studio How To


Learn the basics of recording and editing voice overs from home using an inexpensive USB microphone, easy to use software and the computer you already have.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Set up your home recording equipment
  • Choose the best microphone for your voice
  • Select inexpensive (or free) recording software for your PC or Mac
  • Edit and remove breaths from your recordings
  • Prepare your home recording space

2. How does the follow up coaching work?

When you enroll in Bootcamp you will automatically receive a 2 month free trial membership in our Speak To Profit Membership Program (a $494 value) including:

A monthly Deep Dive Webinar with Susan covering marketing, mindset and home studio topics. You must register to attend and the recording of each call will be posted for you to review in the Member site.

Live monthly Q&A group call with Susan These live monthly Q&A calls give you the opportunity to ask Susan questions about implementing marketing strategies and campaigns in your business. You’ll also benefit as Susan answers questions from other callers about strategies and tactics for growing their voice over business.

Two Monthly Group Performance Workshops with our coaches, master voice talent and producer Randy Dean and casting director and former talent agent Tia Marlier. Continue your growth as a performer in this on-going live monthly training.

Email Access to our talent advisor for follow up questions after Bootcamp and for feedback on the quality of your audio recordings.

Trial Membership continues for 60 days following Bootcamp. Should you choose to continue in The Speak To Profit coaching program after the 2 month trial period ends, you may do so at the Charter Member rate of only $147/mo.

3. Is a voice over demo included with the Mic To Money Bootcamp?

It is logistically impossible to include a professionally produced voice over demo with the Mic To Money Bootcamp. Our professionally produced custom voice over demos include 5 private telephone or SKYPE coaching sessions and careful preparation under the direction of an experienced coach. However, The Great Voice Company does provide professional demo production packages and If you would like us to produce your demo, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Call 800-333-8108 or

4. When, where and how much?

When: June 6-8 2020
Where: The Great Voice Studios, 110 Charlotte Pl. Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
How much: The tuition for the 2 ½ day Mic To Money Bootcamp PLUS 2 months of follow up accountability coaching is 3 monthly payments of $547 ($1641 total) $1,500 if paid in full

For more 2020 Bootcamp dates call 800-333-8108

5. How is the Mic To Money Bootcamp different from your other coaching programs?

While most of our other coaching programs are conducted on line via audio and video conference, Mic To Money is a live, 2 ½ day intensive at the Great Voice Studios conducted by Susan Berkley and other members of the Great Voice team. It is recommended for our students who wish to do a deep-dive immersion into the performance, marketing and home-studio aspects of voice over and who prefer live, face-to-face training.

6. How much money can I make in voice overs?

Because voice over is a freelance endeavor, it is impossible to predict how much money you will make or whether you will make any money at all. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. Your level of success and earning potential in voice over depends on the time you devote to the program, your knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or how much money you will make.

7. Can I bring my spouse to Bootcamp?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your spouse as long as there is an available seat. Please call first to make sure we can accommodate them.

8. After I register, can I cancel my registration or transfer to a future Bootcamp?

Due to the extremely limited number of available seats, there are no refunds should you cancel once you register for the Mic To Money Bootcamp. However, you may transfer to a future Bootcamp on a space available basis and a $150 change fee will apply.

Why now?

You should know that I don’t plan on doing these types of events forever. They’re time intensive and I’m becoming increasingly busy travelling, speaking and working with the executives and sales teams I consult.

From a marketing prospective, your timing to enter the voice over market has never been better.

The Audio Books market is exploding –they can’t get all those books recorded fast enough.

And the internet has opened up markets in on-line advertising and training that were previously unheard of.

Sure, there’s competition. But most of your competition is clueless, hanging out on the on-line voice over casting services (or voice over shopping malls as I call them) just waiting to be “discovered.” Sadly for most, that day will never come.

But you’re different.

With my Mic To Money Voice Over Marketing Framework at hand, you’ll have a step-by-step blueprint for finding great clients and monetizing your voice!

I can’ wait for you to be my next voice over success story.

Here’s how to join us:

Call us: 800-333-8108 (201-541-8595)