Voice Over Training Reviews

“I have voice over jobs every day!”

“Since working privately with you in your Marketing Mentor Coaching Program my career has really taken off! I’m working constantly voicing everything from long form E-Learning programs to corporate narrations to audio books and more! Even better, I’ve been able to raise my rates with no push back from my clients. I’m enjoying every minute of my life in voice over and I’m so grateful to you and the team at Great Voice for your support.”

Ann Coatney

Denver, CO

I just booked TWO radio spots for the NBA!

“After working intensely with Susan Berkley in not one, but two of her private mentorship programs, I’m so pleased to say my voice over career is really taking off. I landed a top talent agent in New York City, my voice is going to be on two radio commercials for the NBA Playoffs & Finals, and I’m getting steady work as an e-Learning voice talent. I’m grateful for all of these opportunities! Susan and her team at Great Voice have supported me every step of the way! I can’t thank them enough!”

Terrence Elie

New York. NY

“None of it would have happened had I not gone to your Boot Camp. Wow!”

“The voice over I did for a Kickstarter project for Soff Blanket has received support for more than ten times it’s goal and the producer has assured me that more are coming. My business is actually on-track to make a profit this year!”

David Wandelt

Jackson, NJ

“In less than a year I went from complete newcomer to actually booking my first jobs”

“I’m so grateful to you and your team for all the support you’ve given me with my new voice over career. As a graduate of your Bootcamp and member of your Marketing Mentor program, in less than a year, I went from being a complete newcomer to actually booking my first jobs! You’ve helped me with my home studio, to improve my performance and to hold me accountable as I follow the marketing plan we created together. Best of all, you always make me feel successful in everything I do. I am forever grateful for your encouragement.”

Patrice Smith

Grass Valley, CA

“Yesterday I Narrated My Fourth Video Game!”

“I’m so excited my head is about to pop off!  Yesterday I narrated my fourth video game.  We had a really great time!  They had told me that they liked my approach so much they would love to work with me again!”

David Seager

Silver Spring, MD

Former ABC News Correspondent:  “The best thing I could have done was come to the Great Voice Company, and Susan Berkley for coaching.”

“With more than 32 years as a correspondent for ABC news, I had plenty of experience with on-air news reporting. But when it comes to voice over, the best thing I could have done was come to the Great Voice Company, and Susan Berkley for coaching. There’s a big difference between on-air news reporting and voice over, and I learned that here.”

Jim Hickey

Red Bank, NJ


“I have been blessed with a mellifluous voice, but that is not necessarily the key ingredient to success in voice-over. It takes a good deal more than that.

After 20 years of being constantly told by strangers (no family members) that I sounded like that guy on the Biography Channel (Peter Graves) or are you one of those Radio Personalities? I began to take this voice-over thing seriously, or at the least decided to look into it.

I searched the Internet for information on doing voice-overs and came upon “The Great Voice Company”. That was seven years ago. And, as a result of my alignment with Susan Berkley and her Great Voice Company, I have become quite successful in my voice-over endeavor.

Susan’s programs are designed to help one “succeed”. And, they work. You may have a great voice, but you need to become proficient in reading well (outloud), an ability to interpret copy correctly, and market yourself with undying diligence.

I’m a success in voice-over, thanks to Susan. I was even awarded the coveted “Telly Award” this year.”

B.P. Smyth

“You helped me with everything…from voice acting skills to marketing to home studio how-to!

“I had a great time at the Mic To Money Bootcamp! I learned everything I needed to know  from acting skills to marketing to  the technical part, to the marketing piece. As a beginner this has been invaluable and I’m so grateful to you and your team. I’m also working with you privately in your Marketing Mentor program and really looking forward to an exciting career.”

Liz Ladd

Fenton, MI

“$13,500 from a single client”

“I just signed a contract to read a primer on the G-20 with a Washington based Think Tank. To date with just this one client I’ve earned $13,500. Usually, I would have second guessed myself but not this time. I give Susan’s thorough, humane approach credit for this mindset shift. I have other clients as well and I’m excited to continue building my VO business.”

Moses Andrade

Great Voice Grad, Beltsville, MD

“Great Class! Excellent Energy! Wealth of information and resources.”

“The information seems to cater to a variety of experiences. I love the fact that Susan goes beyond just technique and deals with the person inside and many of the ways we get in our own way. A very caring and honest approach to the business of voice over.”

Camille V. Harris

Flint, MI

“My highest recommendation!”

“Bootcamp was a great experience. I learned a great deal about voice over performance and marketing as well as many things I can apply to my other business as well. I recommend The Mic To Money Bootcamp without reservation to anyone who wants to do voice overs.”

David Nastasi

Bronxville, NY


“This is my second time coming to Bootcamp and it was a truly amazing weekend, it really was. Not only did I learn how to perform voice overs but also how to actually make money in this business. I also signed up for your Marketing Mentor program to get your hands-on help to grow my business.”

Deborah Taylor

New York NY

Voice Over Services Reviews

“A Valued Partner In Meeting Our Standards For The Highest Quality Client Experience”

“As the voice of Citibank heard by millions of callers every month, Susan Berkley is a consummate professional and true pleasure to work with. She perfectly personifies our brand and is a valued partner in meeting our standards for the highest quality client experience.”

Dan Ratliff

VP Client Experience & Voice Processing, Citibank

“Her Voice Helps Us Keep Our Customers Satisfied And Win New Ones”

“We are pleased with the voice and recording services of The Great Voice Company because they always deliver results. Susan Berkley is the consummate professional voice talent. Combining intelligence and warmth, her voice helps us keep our customers satisfied and win new ones.”

Charles Caldwell

Project manager, AT&T

“We Appreciate The Level Of Attention Paid To Detail When Foreign Languages Are Required”

“We have worked with The Great Voice Company for two years. We have received the highest level of service under very tight deadlines. Additionally, we appreciate the level of attention paid to detail when foreign languages are required. Thank you for your consistent dedication to excellence!”

Ellen Lalwani

VP/Operations & Technology, Hudson United Bank

Leadership & Sales Training Reviews

“My best month EVER after working with Susan!”

David Strange

Sr. Account Executive,

“I closed a lot more deals more quickly”

Becky Lovett

Account Executive,