How To Get Started In Voice Over

With Susan Berkley, signature voice of Citibank and founder

When: Saturday April 27

1-3:30 pm Eastern Time

Where: The Great Voice Company Studios
110 Charlotte Place, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

BONUS: Your ticket includes my “Perfect Performance” training videos and a voice consultation with our talent advisor) 

You’ll discover how to: 

  • Get started in voice over with a step-by-step plan for becoming a professional voice-over artist
  • Do voice-over from just about anywhere in the world
  • Record from home with just a simple microphone and a home PC
  • Take advantage of hidden opportunities in 14 voice-over niche markets
Plus, I’ll listen to your voice, coach you on mic and answer your most burning questions about voice over including:
  • How hard is it to get jobs?
  • Do I need a home studio and if so, how much will it cost to set one up?
  • Can I do this part time?
  • Can I really make money doing this?
  • Am I too old (or too young) to start?
  • And most importantly, do I have the right kind of voice for this?
When: Saturday April 27 1-3:30 pm Eastern Time

HURRY! Only 10 available seats

Tuition: $ 97

Questions? Call us at 866-957-2807