Randy Dean

 Veteran voice actor and Marconi Award nominee Randy Dean has imaged scores of projects for television, radio, commercials, and narrations worldwide. Randy can be powerful or conversational, funny or homespun. Whatever your voice-over needs, Randy can set the perfect mood for you. Randy’s radio and television career has taken him from the Midwest to Southern California and overseas to New Zealand and back. Randy was even lead-singer for a New Zealand band that recorded a Top 20 hit on the EMI record label.

Randy brings his years of voice-acting knowledge and experience to The Great Voice Company as one of the founding voice-acting coaches. When Randy and his wife, Karen, are not spending warm summers in Wisconsin they retreat to their home on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Manzanillo to spend their winters. Randy has re-created his studio in Manzanillo where he doesn’t miss a beat working on voice-over projects and coaching his many voice-acting students.

You’ll enjoy Randy’s warm and friendly approach to voice-coaching. He brings an easy-to-follow instructional style that can be life-changing.

There’s a quote that goes, “If you find something you love to do you’ll never work a day in your life.” Randy adds, “The key is finding someone to teach you how to do it.”

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