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Are you planning for a satisfying, fun retirement or a home-based money hobby doing voice overs?

Would you like to enjoy life, make some extra money on the side and express yourself doing voice overs?

Do you wonder if you have what it takes?

Are you feeling intimidated by home studio technology?

Are you doing audition after audition but not getting jobs?

Are you struggling with marketing your services?

Would you like to regain control of your time, be your own boss and work from anywhere?

What makes Mic To Money So Different?

The Mic To Money “Monetize Your Voice” system is revolutionary because it teaches you right from the start to stop focusing on your voice and instead target a specific   group of potential customers who are a great fit for your interests, voice type and the life skills you’ve worked hard to acquire.  Unlike voice over artists who feel frustrated because they don’t have a workable marketing plan and waste time  trying to audition just a little bit better than everybody else in the crowded, on-line marketplace,  thousands of people have started  successful voice over careers  following the Mic To Money framework and marketing system.

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Mic To Money is offered in these 2 formats:

The Complete

Mic To Money Training


Our most popular comprehensive 6-month training program for those who wish to start and succeed in voice overs

Mic To Money

On-Line Training

Includes Bonus Ticket to Bootcamp

Get started now! Step-by-step guidance in voice over performance and home studio skills + how to market and sell your voice.

Become a Voice Actor With The Great Voice Company
Wouldn’t you love to work from home using only your voice? Or maybe you’d like to earn some money on the side with a hobby during retirement? With the help of our voice over experts at The Great Voice Company, this dream can quickly become a reality. We will provide you with an all-inclusive voice over training program which includes course lessons and voice artist training tips. Plus, we’ll even help you find your target audience to begin an exciting career or hobby in voice acting.
When you partner with The Great Voice Company for voice over training, you know that you’ll be gaining the industry-leading professional tools and tips to sharpen your speech and cultivate your voice over marketing skills.

We’ll Teach You How To Find Voice Over Work
Far too often, aspiring voice over actors chase their dreams without the proper voice artist training or functional business model. Rather than merely attending countless auditions with the hopes of outperforming the competition, our proven voice over training course was designed to provide our voice over trainees with the voice acting lessons and programs which create a formula for success.
With the direction of our veteran audio production specialists, voice over training students will have an inside look at the tips and tricks of the trade and become familiar with home-voice equipment and the entire voice over production process through their customized training course.

 Our Mic To Money “Monetize Your Voice™” Voice Training System
Using the programs developed by our founder, Susan Berkley, you can attend a workshop or begin your voice over training today with a private coach for individual voice artist training lessons. She’s created a proven four-step solution to helping novice voice acting students develop their skills and establish a functional business model.