So what’s on your travel agenda this Summer? I hope you’ve got some nice trips planned.

I travel a lot and have perfected doing voice over from the road.

In fact, I’m heading down to Brazil this weekend!

If you’ve ever wondered about keeping up with auditions and voice over bookings from the road, here are my best Summer Voice Over travel tips.

Lets start with my “Voice Over Road Warrior” packing list.

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll probably bring one of these anyway. Make sure you back up all your files before you go (leave your backups in a safe place at home) and don’t forget the power cord and peripherals like a wireless mouse, mouse pad and spare thumb drive in case you need to transfer files.

This baby is a real voice over travel essential. In fact it can replace your bulky laptop altogether. I use the Twisted Wave recording app, which only costs a few bucks. It’s super easy to use. I download my scripts (no printer needed and no paper noise) and read them on the screen while Twisted Wave is recording my voice in the background. When done, I just log on to the nearest wireless network and email my voice file to its destination. A wireless keyboard and case completes the kit.

I like the Apogee mic. I think it packs a lot of sound quality into a small footprint. Comes with a USB cord for your PC or Mac and a cord that will plug into your iPad or iPhone. The Studio Projects Little Square Microphone (LSM) is also a very small travel friendly mic with a great sound.

When travelling light I use high quality ear buds from Bose or pack a pair of professional studio cans from Sennheiser or Sony.

Airport Check In
To avoid delays and bag checks, tell the security guard you’re travelling with a microphone. Place your mic in a bin with your others items on the conveyor belt. The x-rays won’t hurt it.

Hotel Survival Tips

Request a quiet room on a high floor
Stay away from the elevator, decorative waterfalls and the pool. Record early in the morning or after hours when you won’t be disturbed by noisy kids, landscapers and housekeeping.

Ask about Internet Access Before you Go
Do they charge for wireless or is there free internet in the lobby or café? Join a frequent traveler club and you might get internet for free.

Record in a closet or facing into a corner
Deaden the space behind the mic with pillows and comforters.

Turn off Air Conditioners and fans
Just remember to turn them back on when you’re through!

Tell your travel companions about your recording plans in advance
If you’re on a family vacation, make some agreements about recording during downtime so they don’t have to wait for you while they’re eager to go sightseeing.

Keep it simple, travel light, and I look forward to seeing your vacation pictures! Send them to


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