Hey, Susan Berkley here with the Inside Voiceover Video Training Blog. This week, I want to answer a question that I get from time to time, which is, “Susan, are you telling me that anybody can do voiceovers? Don’t you have to have the right kind of voice for this?” And here’s the deal. No, I’m not saying anybody can do voiceovers. I have a whole list this week of people who absolutely should not attempt this. You’ll be wasting your time. Number one on the list is people who are unreliable. You know, people that really want a lifestyle business, where going skiing, going surfing, taking the weekend off, just bugging out for a week is more important to you than keeping up with your customers. So those people shouldn’t try this. This is a real business. People are counting on you, so if you can’t be reliable, don’t bother.

Number two is people who are not coachable. You have to take direction and you can’t take it personally. You can’t be argumentative. You can’t be hypersensitive. You can’t fight with your clients. So if that’s you, do not apply.

Number three is people who are bitter. Now, I don’t think you’re going to admit that you’re bitter if you’re watching this now, but you’ve seen people out there, maybe you’ve seen them on the various blogs and forums online, and they’re bitching about the competition and about how the state of voiceover today and Fiverr and all that stuff…Those people are not going to make it in this business. You cannot be bitter and be successful at the same time.

Number four are flat-out hermits. People who just want to hang out, never see anybody anytime or talk to anybody. They just want to hide behind their computers. It’s a little antisocial. Unfortunately, they’re not going to be successful at this or any other business.

And then the fifth are people who just are not lifelong learners, that they’re not interested in researching, improving their skills, reading, watching videos to improve.

I think I gave you a pretty good idea. And as far as voice types, these days in voiceover anything goes and we work with all types of voices, and we help people, we coach you to take the voice and the skills you have to improve them and to interpret copy. And we do that at our boot camps. We’ve got one coming up in March, so I hope you can join us. I’m Susan Berkley. Back soon with more Inside Voiceover.