Great Voice Over Business Gifts: My Favorite Ways To Show Appreciation
By Susan Berkley


The season of giving is now officially in full swing. If you’re a voice over beginner, keep this email. It’ll come in handy as your business grows. I’ve got some great ideas for showing appreciation to your clients and success partners like the agents and others who have been instrumental in your career.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas.

1. Avoid the rush

We send gifts to our top voice over clients and coaching members in early November so they stand out and don’t get lost in the year-end barrage of cards and other Holiday goodies. If you’re sending cookies or other treats its especially important to mail early. As we near Christmas, your customers will be groaning and clutching their expanding waistlines when the mailman delivers yet another box of sweets

2. A personalized book

One of the best business gifts I ever received was a paperback biography of George Washington with a handwritten note from the sender referencing a particular chapter she thought I’d enjoy. I’m sure she bought a stack of these books in a remainder sale, but the handwritten note and chapter reference added a memorable, personal touch.

3. A personalized calendar

Our printer makes calendars with the recipients name cleverly featured in the photograph on every page. For example, the month of August features a plane sky- writing the participants name across a lazy summer sky. This was a big hit. See

4. A contribution to the person’s favorite charity in their name

You’ll have to do a little sleuthing to find this out, but maybe the gatekeeper can help. Or, you can choose the charity and let them now about the donation.

5. Refillable Candy jars:The gift that keeps on giving

Brand a candy jar with your name, logo, phone number and voice over website. Arrange for seasonal refills…candy canes in December, candy hearts for Valentines Day, green jelly beans for St. Patrick’s day.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you next week, ok?

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