4 Simple Secrets For Getting Them To Return Your Calls
By Susan Berkley

If I do say so myself, this weeks article is so important you’re going to want to print it out and save it, especially if you’re just starting out. Here’s why.
Whether you are a new beginner to voice over or a working pro, one thing’s for sure: sooner or later you’ll have to get your prospect on the phone. Problem is, most voice buyers are busy and they rarely pick up the phone. So how do you get them to return your calls?

I recently spoke with master sales trainer Eric Lofholm about this problem and I’ll share some of the highlights of what he shared.

1. Connection

The best way to stand out from the sea of voices and turn a prospect into a customer is to make a personal connection with your prospect. Let her know you understand her business and that she is not just another random name on a cold call list. The easiest way to do this is to visit the prospect’s website and Google their name before you call so you can talk intelligently and specifically about their business. You’ll stand out in their mind and they will really be impressed that you took the time to do so.

2. Committment

Don’t give up! Most sales are made after the 5th call, yet few sales people get beyond the 1st call or 2. It’s shocking, I know. Sheer persistence is one of your most important tools for voice over success.

3. Creativity

They call us voice over artists for a reason. We’re expected to bring our creative voice acting skills to our client’s projects. To get someone to call you back, have a little fun and showcase your creativity in your voice mail messages Create a short custom demo using the company’s name, send it in an email or leave it on the voice mail and then ask them to call you back. No one will mind if you keep it brief, entertaining and professional.

4. Intention

A good voice over client can be worth more than six figures of repeat business over time. Set the intention of getting through to them and getting them to know you. Remember, most people give up after the 1st call if they even get that far. . If you want it bad enough, you’ll eventually get through, probably sooner than you think

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