As you grow your voice over business you’ll be sending a lot of demos to prospective clients. The good news is you can email people your demo which means you don’t even have to pay to put an audio CD in the mail.

But just because it’s faster, cheaper and easier to send your demo than ever before doesn’t mean you should send them out indiscriminately.

To get work, you’ll need to follow up your demo submissions by telephone and email and that takes valuable time.

Not all voice over prospects are alike. Some have great potential, but others are tire kickers who will never become a paying client,

To find out who’s who, you need to qualify so you can quickly separate the winners from the losers I never email or mail a demo without making a phone call first and asking some specific qualifying questions. .

Here are my top 5 qualifying questions:

  • Are you currently working on projects that will require professional voice talent?If they are, it’s a great sign. They’re busy and might have a need for your services.
  • When will you be recording?
    A very specific question that gives you an idea of how much work they’re doing. The best prospects record several times a week.
  • How often do you hire voice talent?
    This question sets you up to pitch your services.
  • Are there other talents of my type you use regularly?
    This will get them to stop, think and focus on the sound of your voice. It also assumes a level of professionalism.
  • Would you be willing to consider me for your next project?
    You’re asking for the sale, but because you’ve led up to it and built some rapport, you might be pleasantly surprised by what they say.


Whether or not you make the sale on the call, you’ve certainly handled yourself professionally and introduced yourself and your services. Make sure you add the prospect to your computer data base (I suggest investing in contact management software). Keep in touch with a monthly phone call and send a monthly marketing  postcard to remind them you exist. Eventually they’ll give you a try and you’ll be on your way!


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