Ever buy furniture or a toy that needs assembly? You know, from Ikea or someplace like that? The instructions promise assembly is easy but somehow you end up with a bunch of random parts that never seem to go together.

Your voice over career can feel like that. A microphone here, a demo there, a note book from a course you took with a bunch of sticky notes that made perfect sense at the time but now, you’re feeling completely confused.

You’re left with a bunch of random parts that just don’t seem to fit together. What do you do first, second, third?

In the 27 years as a professional voice over artist helping thousands of people, I’ve observed that there are 4 pillars to voice over success. You’ve got to develop each of them to ensure that you have a stable business to achieve the freedom and income you desire.

Those 4 pillars of voice over success are performance, technology, marketing and mindset.
Many emerging voice talent focus intensely on their performance skills, trying to audition just a little bit better than everyone else. Its great that you’re improving your performance skills, but the danger here is that you risk becoming the best kept secret that no body knows about, spending hours in your home recording closet, doing endless auditions for the voice talent shopping malls with nothing to show for it.

Other voice talent get the gear thing down flat. They have the latest microphone, recording software and a beautiful studio full of high tech gear. They proudly show their studio to friends and family the way they’d show off a gleaming new sports car in their driveway or garage.

But because they haven’t paid attention to the other 3 pillars of voice over success, soon all that beautiful gear begins to gather dust

And then there’s the mindset pillar. Some people think they can visualize their way to voice over success. They try to build a business based on positive thinking and dreams, but you don’t need me to tell you how quickly those sand castles crumble and get washed out to sea.

Positive thinking is great of course, but whats really important is learning about how to stay motivated and focused when the going gets tough and how to avoid unconsciously sabotaging your promising career. Of all the pillars, I’ve found that the mindset pillar is the most important to explore and the rewards of self mastery have lasting and powerful effects, not just in your voice over career but in the rest of your life as well.

The fourth and final pillar of voce over success is your marketing. Many people complain that they just want to perform. Marketing and selling themselves feels painful and embarrassing- an uncomfortable chore. They’d rather hand the whole thing over to an agent, or someone else to do it for them. Unfortunately, that never works. Once I figured out that marketing was really a service to my customers and a way to forge wonderful lifelong professional friendships that were profitable too,. I became a lifelong student of this fascinating science.

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