Ever gotten laryngitis? In voice over, it’s game over.

The first thing you should do is see your doctor to make sure it’s nothing serious.
They’ll probably tell you to head home, drink lots of fluids and stop talking for a day or so.

Lots of things can make you hoarse…stress and unresolved emotional issues included. But some places are worse for your voice than others.

There’s something s called Las Vegas throat brought on by the dry desert air-performers in that city drink gallons of water and sit in front of humidifiers to try to avoid it.

If you have a voice over gig, your customer will hopefully be able to wait until you’re feeling better.

But if they can’t and you really, really have to speak, your doctor can give you an injection to bring your voice back for a short period of time. There can be side effects, so proceed with caution.

Wherever possible, I prefer a natural approach and in this week’s Inside Voice Over
I share some of my favorite home remedies to keep your voice healthy.

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Susan Berkley
Founder, The Great Voice Company

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