So, you want to get into voice over and become a voice actor.

If you’re like many people, you may be thinking. How do I know if I have any talent? I define talent as a God-given gift or special ability. Some people are born with a beautiful speaking voice. But having an exceptional sounding voice is no guarantee of voice over success. In fact, there are many average-sounding men and women who enjoy very successful voice over careers.

I’ve put together a list of key factors that contribute to voice over success and you may be surprised to see that “sound of voice” is not on the list! See how many apply to you.

1. Passion

To be successful as a voice actor you have to really want to do this.

You have to have a “fire in the belly.” Interviewer Charlie Rose says a burning desire is the single most important trait shared by successful people.

2. At least 30 minutes every day to work on your voice over marketing and skills development.
Most people can find a spare half hour somewhere in their day by getting up a little earlier, using part of their lunch hour, cutting back on social networking or turning off the television.

3. Basic home recording skills
No matter where you live, you’ll be auditioning from home. You’ll use your home PC, an inexpensive USB microphone (about $130) and some recording software. With a few hours of practice, anyone who can use a computer can learn basic home recording skills to do voice overs.

4. Reliability and a professional attitude

I don’t care how good you are, no one wants to work with a flake voice actor.

You’ll be expected to complete your work accurately, in a timely and professional manner and treat your customers with courtesy and respect. While voice acting is a “lifestyle business” that you can do from just about anywhere, you can’t disappear without being responsive to your clients’ needs

5. Willingness to invest in professional coaching
It’s very difficult to achieve voice over success by going it alone without an experienced mentor. Our Voice over Bootcamps are the perfect place to begin a coaching relationship.

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