Have you ever felt frustrated about getting started in voice overs because you’ve heard the same people get all the work? That’s the word on a lot of the voice over bulletin boards and social media and I want to put a stop to this right now because it simply is not true. It’s a myth and may even be a ploy by some mean spirited people looking to keep newcomers away. And if they’re not mean spirited, they’re just plain ignorant.

I mean think about it.

There are over 10,000 commercial radio stations in the United States, each of them running about 5-20 minutes of commercials every hour. Do the math. That’s tens of thousands of commercials running on radio every day. Sure the DJ’s at the radio stations do a lot of those spots, but we haven’t even begun to talk about Broadcast and internet TV and radio, Cable.

And then there’s the hidden world of non-broadcast corporate voice overs and medical narrations, E-learning. Billions of dollars being spent annually on these productions. What about video games? Audio books? Telephony. I can’t even begin to calculate the millions and millions of dollars in talent payments. It’s physically impossible for the “same 10%” to do all this work. Sheesh!

But, there’s something else I have to get off my chest and it’s important. In this or any population, less than 10% prosper not because they get the work, but because they are willing to DO the work.

Most people want success handed to them on a silver platter, as if by magic. Looking at a successful person, it might seem as if they are blessed by good fortune, connections or a special talent but what you aren’t seeing is how much they do behind the scenes to get the success they enjoy.

In voice over that means following a step by step training and marketing plan like I outline in Voice Over Step by Step and 6 Figure Shortcut marketing programs. By sticking with it and taking consistent, positive action every day to achieve your goals.

If you’re that kind of person, I’m here to guide you. But if you’re a dream killer and a nay-sayer then you are not welcome here.

Phew! I’m feeling better now. I’m so glad you’re my follower and faithful subscriber. I promise to never let you down.


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