I have a voice over success message for you today you should print out in big bold letters and tape to your wall. Ready? Here it is.

The WHO is more important than the WHAT.

In voice over the WHAT you’re selling is your voice, your demo, your website or your studio. The WHO are your present and future customers.

It amazes me that many new and emerging voice talent never give a second thought to who they’ll ultimately be selling to.

They spend their time perfecting their home studio, their demo, their logo or their website without stopping to consider WHO they are for, and that’s a shame. Because without someone specific to buy your voice over services you have a pipe dream not a business.

I see beginning voice talent with stars in their eyes, imagining that success behind the mic will magically come if they record a demo and put it “out there” without giving the slightest thought to where “out there” really is.

They are voice over generalists and they’ll soon be as obsolete as dinosaurs.

It used to be you could go to a General Store and buy anything from red candy Twizzlers to axe handles to hiking boots.

Many voice over demos are just like that old General Store; a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But the result is a confused customer and a confused customer doesn’t buy

In voice acting, type casting is a good thing. It helps casting directors and producers define you. If they can’t, you won’t stand out from the crowd and you won’t get booked. .

This is the age of specialization. As a voice over specialist you can charge more because you bring expertise and a targeted solution to a specific group of customers.

If you have a wrist problem you don’t go to a general practitioner–you go to a “Carpal Tunnel Specialist ” at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The California Bar Association certifies 11 legal specialties including Admiralty and Maritime Law, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning. If you have a dog there are classes in Obedience, Puppy Socialization, and even something called Nosework (for dogs)! I kid you not.

By the way, here’s what a niche is not.

It’s not a catchy slogan, your logo or your swag (premiums such as tote bags, mouse pads, T-shirts). It’s not a description of your voice (smooth, reassuring, warm yet authoritative etc) or your home studio capabilities.

A niche is a group of customers or a market segment you intend to target and sell to based on your voice type, skill set and personal interests. .

That’s why we start all our new voice over beginners out with a strategy session to help them target their best niche before they even begin their training or make their demo and that’s why helping you find your best voice over niche is the first thing we’ll do at my Inner Game of Voice Over Marketing and Mindset Event Oct 4-6 For more information see or give us a call at 800-333-8108. 

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