Some people love the sound of their deep sexy morning voice but for some voice over talents, a “froggy” or hoarse, morning voice can be a problem.

In fact, some speakers or singers won’t even work before noon because they think their voices don’t “wake up” until later in the day. Actually, your voice can sound good at any time of the day if it’s properly warmed up and cared for.

Your voice tends to sound lower or deeper when you first wake up for three reasons. First, fluids collect in the tissues of the throat while we sleep. It’s the same temporary phenomenon that makes our eyes look puffy when we first wake up. Second, mucous builds up overnight from lack of use. And third, our vocal chords dry out from breathing through the mouth while we sleep. Due to lack of lubrication they can’t move together as well as they should to form a higher pitch.

Here is my morning “Vocal wake up” routine:

1. Drink up! When I first wake up, drink two big glasses of water before eating or drinking anything else, including coffee or tea, which are dehydrating I squeeze a fresh lemon into the water. It’s supposed to have health benefits. . It will take a couple of hours for this water to cycle through your body and hydrate your vocal folds, so get an early start. If you will be recording later that day

2. I sing in the shower. You’ll warm up your speech muscles and the warm humid air will help replenish a dehydrated voice.

3. I Turn on some music and hum along. Humming is one of the best ways to warm up your voice. Don’t be shy. Hum loudly enough to feel a buzz around your mouth and lips.

4. I don’t eat anything greasy for breakfast. If you have to make important phone calls or do any recording before lunch, cut back on dairy products and avoid eating anything fried or greasy at breakfast: fried eggs, donuts etc. These foods create more phlegm. I start my day with a bowl of whole grain hot cereal or organic low fat plain kefir (a yogurt drink) with fruit and granola on top. For me, cultured milk products seem to create less phlegm than regular dairy.

5. I tune my thoughts to love and read some spiritual literature. We are body, mind and spirit. Even a few minutes of focused quiet alone time every morning where you elevate your spirit will improve your day, reduce stress and improve the sound of your voice.

6. I walk or go to the gym. We don’t work on camera but I still make sure I keep myself in shape. My overall physical health makes a big difference in the say I sound. I’ve found that regular morning exercise really improves my health, my mental outlook my breath support and the sound of my voice.

Here’s to many great mornings ahead!

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