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I am recently getting back into the voice over industry after a few years of taking time off to go back to school.

I found that so many things have changed in the voice over industry and I feel out of the loop.

I just got a new voice over demo done and it sounds great.

I will be doing a mass mailing to agents and casting directors and I’m wondering if you could offer any advice as to what to say in the letter that will be enclosed with my voice over demo. I’m not sure how to re-introduce myself into the industry after so many years and with not much of a resume. Would you be so kind as to help me out and maybe give me a little push with some advice? ”

Susan Berkley: “First of all, congratulations for getting back onto the horse, re-doing your demo and getting back out there. But I have to be perfectly frank and tell you that you’re asking the wrong question so I can hopefully save you some time, some money and some disappointment. Take a breath and listen carefully to what I have to say.

No matter how wonderful the voice over demo or beautifully written the cover letter, most of those demos that you mass mail to agents and casting directors will never get listened to and many will never get opened, the package will be tossed in the trash and they will end up moldering in some dumpster.

Please don’t think I’m being cold or hard, but this is the reality of the business today. People are overwhelmed and nobody is sitting around waiting for a mass mailing of a demo CD from yet another voice over talent.

Now, this doesn’t mean all is lost. It’s not. The business has changed and you just have to know how to unlock the key. But one thing is for sure, mass mailings do not work. I have identified 12 ways to grow a voice over business and I don’t have the space to go into all of them here, but I can tell you that mass mailings are not on the list. Some of the ways include targeting prospects through social media sites like LinkedIn, auditioning through on line casting services and talent agents, calling compiled lists from free on line resources, targeted advertising in trade journals, networking and setting up landing pages to which you drive traffic from ad words.

I will be going into all this in great detail at my upcoming Voice Over Bootcamp at Bennett Studios in Tenafly NJ. We’re almost sold out but if you call Bill in our office at 800-333-8108 x229 he’ll answer your questions and see if we can squeeze you in. Check it out here

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