It’s awards season and as you rush to the theatre to catch the latest Oscar-nominated blockbuster, you cant help but wonder about the voices on those voice over movie trailers. What does it take to get a gig like that?

My friend Rodney Saulsberry is an award winning actor and top movie trailer voice. He says there are 4 different types of movie trailer voice over styles: hard sell, soft sell, dramatic and comedic.

Let’s take a look at each.

The hard sell style is energetic, expressive, overly articulated and intense. You typically hear it on trailers for action-adventure movies.

The soft sell style is soothing, laid back, conversational and friendly. You’ll hear it on family entertainment and chick flicks that tug at your heartstrings.

The dramatic style is the one we love to spoof. It’s the “in a world” variety made famous by the late voice actor Don LaFontaine. To voice this type of trailer, speak at an even pace, don’t push it and embrace the serious nature of the copy. Get up close to the mic (about 3 inches away) and let the mic do the work.

Finally we have the Comedic Style. Its fun, expressive, quick and zany To get the sound, you really need a big smile in your voice.

To market yourself as a movie trailer voice, you’ll need a movie trailer demo. Make sure it’s fully produced and sounds like the real thing.

Promote yourself to Trailer Houses. Look them up on line. Most of the work is in Los Angeles, but don’t overlook smaller independent producers who might also be willing to give a newcomer a try.

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