I have a huge but somewhat counter-intuitive tip about finding voice over jobs I want to share with you today. Ready? Here it is.

The who is more important than the what.
In voice over your “what” is your demo, your voice type, your studio capabilities, your website, your logo Its your branding, your turnaround time, your price sheet and even your swag-your gimmicks and giveaways like t-shirts and mousepads.

Most beginning and even many experienced talents focus on this, spending years honing their “what” in hopes of giving themselves a competitive edge. They spend countless hours polishing their demos, agonizing over the copy, the background music and every nuance and inflection of their voice.

When they’re done, they move on to their home studio tweaking and upgrading, buying every new piece of shiny new gear their budget will allow. And they’re not done yet!

Their website is next on the list and hours are spent on choosing the right URL, finding the perfect web designer, choosing colors, logos, players and maybe even some fancy animation to catch the eye.

However they miss one key point…
The WHO! They haven’t given a single thought to who their ideal customers will be and they have barely given any attention to their marketing -and as a result, their career comes to a dead stop before it’s even begun.

That’s why its so important to have your “Voice Over Marketing Blueprint” ready at the very beginning of your career, such as what I’ll be teaching at my Voice Over Marketing and Mindset Event October 4-6 (

Your assignment is to give some thought to the ideal voice over clients you want to attract. What do you have to offer? How can you serve them and contribute to their success?

Are you a fluent, efficient reader? Would you be good at e-books or long form training?

Are you skilled at voice characterizations for animation or video games?

Do you have a corporate background which would make you ideally suited for corporate narrations?

Do you have a medical background which would be helpful for medical narrations or training?

Do you have technology expertise or security clearance for specialized technology applications?

Now ask yourself who can benefit the most from the unique skills you bring to the table. These are your ideal prospects.

Once you have your ideal prospect (s) in mind, you can become a voice over specialist and attract exactly those customers who will benefit the most from what you have to offer. By targeting and focusing your marketing efforts, you’ll find the results come much more quickly than trying to be all things to all people.


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