How does the pitch of your voice measure up? If you’re a woman, do you think you sound like a little girl? Or, do people hear you on the phone and mistake you for a man? Guys were you one of those kids in high school who faked your Dad’s voice just so you could call in sick and spend the day at the mall? Or do you think your voice isn’t deep and authoritative enough?

Here’s how you can test to see if your vocal pitch is average for your age. For a 21 year old man it’s about 130 Hz, which is “C below middle C” on the piano keyboard. For a 51 year old man it’s 110 HZ, which is “A two octaves below middle C”. The voice of a 21 year old female will typically vibrate at about 195 HZ which is “G below middle C”. A 51 year old female voice will vibrate at about 175 HZ which is “F below Middle C.”

Voice coaches suggest trying to match a musical note by saying “eee” at that same note. Then, try to sing down one note at a time until you reach the lowest note you can comfortably make. Do not strain. Our natural pitch levels are usually 2 or 3 notes above the lowest note we can sing. Record yourself singing this note. This is your natural pitch. Then record yourself speaking casually in natural conversation. Can you hear the musicality of your voice? Can you hear your pitch? This is your habitual pitch. Compare the two recordings. If your natural singing pitch and your habitual speaking pitch are the same, you don’t have to work on changing it. But if they’re not, my Voice Mastery Formula Program will help you have the voice you’ve always wanted.

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