What is momentum? The dictionary defines it as strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events In order to get momentum to kick in, in your voice over career, you must make a serious commitment to speed. That means no more pussy footing around and waiting for perfection. You must jump into action on all fronts now starting several things at once. That includes:

  • Doing or updating your demo, even though you might not think you are “ready”
  • Creating a website
  • Finding a coach or mentor
  • Signing up for classes
  • Making marketing calls on a daily basis
  • Starting a postcard marketing campaign
  • Learning home studio skills and buying the equipment so you can at least start auditioning, if not recording professionally, from home.
  • Assign launch dates for all of the above and stick to them, even if you have to spend some sleepless nights to do so!

Get the picture?

Here are the benefits of building speed to momentum.

1. Doing things FAST takes on a life of its own. You will no longer feel as if you are pushing your voice-over career up a steep hill with a teaspoon. As you get “on a roll” you’ll be running to keep pace with all the opportunities (and running to the bank to deposit your checks!)

2. Doing things fast attracts people. I can almost guarantee that opportunities will seem to “fall into your lap” in ways they never have before. You will become a walking, talking voice-over magnet. And you’ll gain access to others who can help you in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

3. Doing things fast attracts resources. I’ve had coaching members in motion who have received unexpected gifts from friends and family to grow their voiceover career. Members also report that bookings seem to come in clumps from unconnected sources. “Dry spells” end and they start booking like crazy as they gain momentum.

4. Doing things fast creates chaos. Now this is something you may not enjoy. I know I don’t. But I’ve learned to get over it. I think it was Trump who said “Success is cooked in a messy kitchen.” Your desk may be a mess. The bed may go unmade. Phone calls from friends temporarily unanswered. You may even find yourself with jobs you have no idea how you’ll be able to do, until you figure out ways to bring in other people to help. But if this happens to you, I say “Fix it in the mix!”

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