Shaky Voice? Here’s Help
By Susan Berkley

Subscriber writes: “How do you calm a shaky voice if it creeps up on you mid-speech?”

Funny you should ask.
When we are ambushed by a shaky voice mid-speech it is because there is something going on in our inner life, something undermining our confidence at that moment that we are not aware of. Confidence comes from within when we are aligned with goodness, truth and beauty. We don’t have to do anything to get it. It´s part of our natural being, our default setting.

So when we have a sudden crisis of confidence while speaking , it’s because of a reaction to an inner attitude that is undermining our natural poise and equilibrium. Although uncomfortable, its perfectly normal to have strange and even undermining thoughts while speaking. You shouldn’t fight these thoughts, but just try to see the message they are trying to give you.

For example, if you think that someone in the audience is judging you harshly, consider that you might be doing this to yourself. Other common thoughts are: “I’m really screwing up here” etc. when the speaker is sounding perfectly fine to others.

Again this is the awareness of the speaker´s own inner, unconscious attitude against her own happiness and success. Welcome this awareness, don’t fight it. When you do, it will help you relax and allow your audience to enjoy your talk.

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