Does your photo belong on your voice over website? Here’s my opinion to help you decide for yourself.

1. Producers cast “types”.
Most of us don’t look anything like we sound. If you don’t look like your voice type, buyers might not even bother listening to your demo if they see a picture first.

2. You might be more audio-genic than you are photogenic.
In voice over , a few wrinkles or a few extra pounds don’t matter. What a blessing to escape the worry about physical appearance many of our on-camera colleagues go through.

3. In the theater of the mind the possibilities are endless
Behind the mic, we can instantly change the way we ‘look’ without makeup or wardrobe. Why limit yourself with a photo?

4. You Can sound younger than you look
Fortunately, if properly cared for, your voice print will remain the same for many years to come and if anything, it will mellow and sound better with age. Your vocal age range will be broader than you can get away with on camera.

5. It puts the focus on you and not your customer
Having a large “celebrity type” airbrushed photo at the top of your website is a waste of valuable marketing real estate. Much better to craft a benefit-laden headline that speaks to the customer.

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