The 10 Commandments of Voice Over

By Susan Berkley

Is there a list of rules to follow to improve your chances of voice over success?

I think so! After many years of experience, here are mine.

  1. I respect and care for my instrument (and my body). I get enough sleep, and enough exercise, eat healthily and don’t smoke.
  2. I work clean. I am mindful of mouth noise and the stress, medication and things I eat and drink that cause it.
  3. I have a well-balanced idea about my talent. I try to control any overblown, hyped-up ideas about myself. I don’t wallow in self criticism or self pity. I appreciate my voice, but I am not in love with my sound (vocal narcissism)
  4. I invest in tools to help me do the best job possible. I stay up to date with the latest recording equipment so I can get the best sound possible for my budget.
  5. I invest in the best training. I respect my teachers and the experience and wisdom they are willing to share. I am always learning and striving to perfect my craft.
  6. I respect the writer’s and the client’s vision and use my talents in service of the text. I begin every session in a neutral and open-minded state of mind.
  7. I conduct my voice over business honestly and ethically.

    I treat my customers with respect and try to make their job easier however I can.

  8. I arrive at least 10 minutes early to every session. When working from home, deliver my work in a timely manner
  9. I strive to deliver pristine, error-free audio. I invest the time needed to really get to know my equipment and recording software to deliver the highest quality product.
  10. My marketing is client-centric, not egocentric. I stress benefits to the client, not how wonderful I am.

There are many moving parts to starting your own voice over business, but when you boil it down to these 10 essentials, I’m sure you’ll find it easier to stay focused and achieve the success you crave. As always….

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