The Busy Person’s Guide to Voice Over Success

Got a busy schedule? Who doesn’t!

It can be frustrating trying to find time to start a voice over career when your schedule is packed and you barely have time to breathe.

But getting started takes less time than you think! You can find a mere 30 daily minutes of free time you can start a voice over business or money hobby while still working a full-time job. Many people can do this comfortably during lunch or on breaks.

Your home recording space
Most people enjoy getting started by setting up a simple “Level One” studio where they will record auditions from home. Believe it or not, the best place to record is in the closet! But you can also get a pretty good sound by recording in the corner of a quiet room. Prop some pillows or hang a comforter behind your mic.

Your microphone
There are hundreds of microphones to choose from, from inexpensive USB mics that plug into your computer, to top-of-the line models for professional recording studios. To get started, you can purchase a very good sounding USB mic for under $200. I have several. One for my iPad, another for travelling and another for quick auditions at my desk. In my recording studio I use an AKG 414, which is a good mic for my voice.

Your telephone
In a good focused hour, you can make about 20 phone calls to introduce yourself to voice over prospects, such as the producers you’ll find at . Do this a few times a week and you can “meet” hundreds of people every month.

Your training
Training classes, like our Career Launcher program, are given on weekends and virtually by phone and skype so you can participate at your convenience. Contact us at for details

Your auditions
I’ve written about this before but the key is not to agonize over your auditions. It’s a numbers game so get them done and out the door fast.

Your first gig
Many voice over jobs can be done in the evening and delivered the next day. If you have a booking during business hours some people use their voice over talents to fake a sick voice, but of course I don’t condone this at all. (wink, wink)

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