As I reflect on gratitude this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I wonder if you truly appreciate the awesome power of your voice.

As you develop it on your voice over journey, you’ll (hopefully) make really some good money but I wonder if you have any idea what you do for your clients.

An Infomercial Producer I know had a very successful television campaign running for one of his products. It was making millions of dollars a year.

One day, the voice talent he was using told him he had a conflict with another one of his clients and could no longer voice the commercial. He referred the producer to a friend of his with a similar voice who would gladly take over the account.

The producer listened to the friend’s demo and sure enough, he could barely tell the difference between the two voices. So he had the new guy record the infomercial and put the spots on the air.

What happened next was a disaster. Within 24 hours, sales of the product dropped by half and tens of thousands of dollars were being lost by the minute.

Same copy, same video. The only difference was the voice.

In a panic, the producer called the original voice talent and wrote him a very big check to lock him in as the exclusive voice of the campaign. He put his voice back on the air and within a day, the sales started pouring back in.

Until he was given that huge check, that voice talent had no idea what his voice was worth and you know what? I’ll bet that neither do you.

I was once shocked to learn that a direct response TV commercial I did for Topsy Tail, a pony tail gizmo, made the client over $50 million dollars! I wish I could say I got residuals for that spot.  I didn’t.

As a voice-over artist you’ll make some people smile, some people laugh and if the copy and your acting skills are good enough you’ll touch hearts and may even make some people cry.

But one things for sure, if you do good work, you’ll make your clients very happy to know you and count on you as a trusted member of their team

And that’s something anyone would be grateful for this Holiday Season..

I’m grateful for you! Thank you for being an Inside Voice Over subscriber and for all your loving and appreciative emails.

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Holiday weekend. 

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