Hey, it’s Susan Berkley from, and today in the Inside Voice over Video Training Blog, we’re going to talk about the voiceover business growth concept of lifetime customer value. You see, a lot of people think they look at voiceovers is what I’m making from one job, how much they pay me for another job, but where you really can make some serious and wonderful money in voiceover, where you can actually end up having a real business is from repeat business from the same customers. That’s what we call in marketing lifetime customer value. That’s the total value of the business that somebody gives you over the amount of time if they keep working with you. See, the great thing about voiceover is it’s a business where people will often keep coming back again and again and again. Once they know, like and trust you, they’ll keep using you.

I’m breaking this up because I just cut this email from a voice talent that we hired way back in 2011 to do a job for Google. Now this guy speaks Polish so he then became the Polish voice of Google maps and he’s writing now to thank us and he says, “That job made me quite famous in Poland. Being the voice of Google maps opened a lot of doors for me.” That’s how it works. That’s how it worked in my own business. Being the voice of Citibank, as I am, and having done work for years and years and years for AT&T has open tons of doors for me. Got me on to major media. I’ve written books. I’ve done a lot of speaking engagements. I want to encourage you, I want to talk to you about this. You got to get in the game, you got to stay in it, and you’ve got to do great work for your customers so they keep coming back again and again. That’s the voice overgrowth concept of lifetime customer value. I’m Susan Berkley and I’m back next week with more inside voiceover.