We’re joining the party here, too and I’m planning a big “Blow Up-Blow Out Sale” this weekend on a bundle of some of our best voice over training programs so watch your email on Saturday to get in on the fun.

Anyway, that’s enough talk about blowing stuff up.

Let talk about growing and building a beautiful new voice over career for you in 2019 and an important marketing lesson many people miss.

It’s a lesson about lifetime customer value.

You see, the real money in voice over is rarely, if ever, made from a single job. It’s made from a handful of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

In this week’s Inside Voice Over video training blog, I’ll read you an email I just got from a grateful voice talent who experienced the magic of lifetime value in his voice over business and how a voice over job he did in 2011 grew into something special that changed his life.

Watch this week’s short training video Here Now

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To your voice over success,

Susan “Hard hat and earplugs” Berkley
Founder, The Great Voice Company