This week on The Inside Voice Over video training blog. I’ve got tips for you for your home studio. 10 of them in fact. I’m Susan Berkley and let’s get rolling. Number one, when you record, you want to make sure you’re already in the quietest room in your house. Might be the basement, might be a closet, but check it out. Actually, a closet is great. The clothing tends to dampen in the sound.

Number two, make sure your computer recognizes your microphone. It’s a simple setting, but check it out before you start to record. Three is to make sure your software recognizes your microphone. Four is to use a pop screen. Now what is a pop screen? It’s an inexpensive filter that goes in between your mouth and the mike that prevents the plosives, the Ts and the Ds and that extra air from hitting the mic so you don’t have popping noises.

You want to make sure you’re recording into the right side of your microphone. That is number five. And the correct side is where the logo is. Often people don’t even realize that and they wonder why their voice sounds so distant and odd. Number six is to speak about a hands width away from the mic, just like that. That’s a good starting position. Of course, you might want to get in a little closer or farther away depending on how much energy you have in the read.

Number seven is to position the microphone where the air from your mouth won’t hit it, talking either above the mike or right below it, like that, or off to the side. That’s helpful if you’re making a lot of popping noises. Number eight, make sure it’s accurate. After you finish recording, read the script along with the recording to make sure you haven’t missed any words.

Number nine is to save the file in a special folder that you label with the date, with the customer’s name. And number 10 is to email the file to your client, but before you do, check and make sure the format is correct. Don’t send those giant wave files unless that’s what they want. MP3s are the accepted recorded format. So I hope that’s helpful for you, Susan Berkley, and I’ll be back next week with more Inside Voice Over.