Voice Over and Your “Artistic Itch”
By Susan Berkley

Voice Over and Your Artistic Itch


The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a major voiceover recording studio in New York City. He has a truly great voice. Started out in radio and parlayed his interest in audio production into a multi-million dollar business. You couldn’t ask for a more successful life.

But something’s missing.

He wants to perform. He’s over 60 but he wants to get back to his artistic roots. So he made a voiceover demo, got a big New York City talent agent. He doesn’t need the money, but he does need the satisfaction that comes from feeding his soul through the art of doing voiceover.

And you know what? He’s doing well!

In her book “The Artist’s Way”, Julia Cameron observed that frustrated artists who are resisting the call to create often take jobs on the periphery of their craft. A painter might become a curator in a museum. An actor might become a talent agent. A voice talent might take a job in media advertising or production. All of these occupations are indeed noble and necessary, and sometimes, a ‘day job’ salary is needed to support a family and put food on the table.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But eventually, the road not taken will become a corrosive yearning in the soul. Can you relate?

I can. I believe that I was meant to be a musician but became a radio DJ instead. In my teens I used to sing and play guitar but gave it up suddenly when I went to college.

I’ve recently started singing lessons. I’ll never make my living as a singer, but it satisfies my soul and eventually I’ll get good enough to sing a few songs at local gigs with my teacher, a talented jazz pianist.

Art is not optional in our lives. It is a necessity and as essential as food, air and water. And if you’ve been blessed with talent and desire, you must answer the call, or suffer the bitter consequences.

Please understand that I am not saying you must quit your day job and pursue voice-over as a full time occupation. For some of you, life circumstances will make this irresponsible and impossible.

But don’t underestimate the satisfaction you’ll get if you can organize your life so you are spending some creative time behind the microphone every week. Think of your home studio as if it were a piano or other instrument. Even a few minutes spent playing every day will feed your soul and make a big deposit in the pleasure bank.

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