As a voice over artist, you’ve got to be ready to audition and respond to clients’ needs at a moments notice.You can always book yourself out during vacations and let people know you’ll be unavailable, but many people prefer to bring their mic and laptop to record from the road.

Recording in a hotel room can be tricky. How do you get the best sound? Well I’ve recorded from some of the most far-flung locations around the world and in this week’s ezine, I’ve here to help with 3 of my best “on-location” tips. I call them “recording hacks” or work-arounds to help you make the best of any vacation situation.


The folding luggage rack found in most hotel rooms makes an ideal portable recording booth. Just open it up, place it on a desk or bed, and drape a heavy blanket or bedspread over the top, leaving one side open. You can also place pillows inside along the edges and a towel on the desk for extra sound absorption. Set your microphone inside near the open edge of your luggage rack booth and talk towards the mic. Read your script on the illuminated screen of your smart phone or iPad.


Here’s an out-of-the-box solution. Some hotel rooms have a mini bar (unplug if refrigerated). Carefully empty it out and remove the racks. Line the mini bar with pillows. Open the door and stick the microphone inside. Talk into the open side of the box and read your scripts as above. Caution: don’t drink the contents of the mini-bar before you record!


This one’s a little tricky, but our Career Launcher Coach Rose Tamberino swears it worked for her. If you packed a big heavy coat, button or zipper it up and hang it from the shower rod in the bath room. Press record on your laptop (you’ll edit out the beginning noise later). Wriggle inside the coat with your microphone and illuminated smart phone. Just make sure you don’t pick up extra noise from your hand holding the mic or the rustling fabric of the coat.
Have a great vacation and let me know how it goes if you try these tips.

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