I wonder if you truly appreciate the awesome power of your voice. As you develop it on your voice-over journey, you’ll (hopefully) make your clients a lot of money. I was once shocked to learn that a direct response TV commercial I did for Topsy Tail, a pony tail gizmo, made the client over $50 million dollars! I wish I could say I got residuals for that spot. I didn’t.

As a voice-over artist you’ll make some people smile, laugh and if the copy and your acting skills are good enough you’ll touch hearts and may even make some people cry. Never ever think of what we do as merely talking for money. The day it becomes nothing more than reading into the mic is the day you should hang up your headphones for good.

Great voices are memorable. They become part of the fabric and culture of our lives. Think JFK, Mel Blanc, the late great ‘voice of god’ and a zillion movie trailers. Don La Fontaine.

In today’s video I share a moving, personal story about how my voice made a difference in ways I could never imagine. I hope I inspire you to do something meaningful with that great voice of yours and the talents you’ve been given.


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