Regardless of what your voice over project is, you want to ensure that your chosen voice talent actor is able to communicate your message clearly and thoroughly. And while this may seem simple enough, it actually requires a tremendous amount of adaptability and skill from all parties. In fact, the process of recording a voiceover includes so much more than getting the script, selecting your talent, and stepping into the recording studio. It also requires constant feedback, guidance, and input during the recording to get the most out of the artist’s performance.

At The Great Voice Company, we’re not just the country’s top-rated provider of professional voice over services. We also offer industry news, advice, and tips. Let’s take a look at some ways you can get perfect narrations by giving insight and direction to your voice talent actors both before and during the voice over process.


Before the Recording

Preparing for the recording process is half the work. Consequently, there are a few things you should be checking for before you start recording.



Take a look at the script. Is all the vocabulary understandable? Occasionally, there will be lines or sentence structure that might come across fine on paper, but doesn’t sound very good when being spoken.


While it’s true that most voice over actors can speak quickly if necessary, and post-production can be quite useful, it’s essential to check in advance if the text will fit the allotted time. This will help to avoid potential issues during the recording.


The script should be prepared in a way that’s easy to read and understand. Additionally, use large type — 12-point font or larger — and leave plenty of spacing for notes and possible changes to the script.


Who is the audience? What is the message, mission, and vision? Should the feel be serious or playful? High-energy or carefully paced? These are questions that should be answered to allow the audience to fully understand the tone and voice of the project.


During the Recording



Don’t be afraid to give guidance and direction as the voice over is being recorded. Not only does this help to ensure correct pronunciation and emphasis, but it can assist in avoiding costly re-dos. Encourage the voice over actor to use facial expressions, gestures, and body language to convey their message thoroughly, truthfully, and effectively.

…But Not Too Much

Conversely, each distinct voice over actor will have their own tempo, patterns of speech, and pacing. They may even have their own input on the timing of a sentence or the emphasis on a phrase, and their opinions should be respected and considered.

No Interruptions

While some people tend to do this repeatedly, it can actually create a sense of anxiety for voice over talent. If they begin to be wary of interruptions, it can cause issues with their performance. Instead, wait until they’re finished to give them notes or feedback.

Ask for One More

Once everything is “said” and done, ask your voice over actor for one more take. This can be a terrific way to get the perfect take from them, and even allow them to have some fun with the script. In fact, this can be a perfect way to capture candid voice over performances.

By properly preparing and understanding your message, you can effectively communicate it to your voice over talent and allow them to meaningfully express it to the world.

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