Garrison Keillor (former host of NPR’s Prairie Home Companion) wasn’t happy. He stepped out of my voice booth and gave me a look that could curdle milk.

The year was 1996 and a producer friend of mine had booked him for a session at my brand new studio on Houston Street in New York City.

Keillor was a famous radio star and I guess he was expecting the Ritz, but what he got was…my closet.

Yup, my first professional voice booth was in a closet in my office. I lined it with sound foam, even piped in acoustically dampened air conditioning. I was proud of my studio and frankly, it sounded pretty good.

But for a big, cranky, 6’4 inch dude like Keillor my cramped closet just wasn’t cutting it.

Too embarrassed to look him in the eye. I hid behind a closed door until the session was through, but I can still hear his muttered curses as he stomped off down the hall.

You probably won’t be hosting celebrities in your closet anytime soon. But a closet is still one of the best places to record from home, especially if you’re on a budget.

This week I’ve got a handful of cheap tricks you can use to do great recordings from home. One of them is even used on movie sets to record audio on the fly.

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