As one of the most effective educational tools, e-learning provides the immersive instructional and tutorial learning to teach students about a vast range of subjects and programs. Anything from showing medical professionals how to use a new device, training employees on efficient business practices, or teaching students how to excel in advanced chemistry is possible through this valuable interactive platform.

However, in many cases, the e-learning program is only as effective as the narrator who is chosen to complete the task. Not only should they be able to convey the brand image, but they also need to add a flair of personality for certain subject matters. But how do you know what factors to consider before hiring an e-learning voice over professional?

At The Great Voice Company, we’re the voice over experts, and we’ve provided this set of criteria to ensure you get the right narrator for the job. Let’s take a look at some of the essential characteristics to look for and questions to ask when selecting an e-learning narrator:

Vocal Quality

Is the voice over narration spoken in a voice that’s pleasant to listen to? Look for voices that are “likable.” The narrator should sound comfortable with the subject matter. You also want a trustworthy and easygoing feel to the voice. Additionally, the sound quality should be pristine and free of background noise.

Understanding of Subject Matter

Does the narrator have a basic understanding of the subject they’re discussing? Ideally, they should. This can allow them to underscore certain words or phrases with a subtle vocal inflection. For instance, they might take a more serious tone when highlighting a critical federal regulation or compliance policy.

Ability to Convey Brand Image

Can the narrator accurately reflect the brand image and style? Voice over artists should be able to adapt to anything from a casual feel and conversational tone to a more authoritative and matter-of-fact approach. Either way, it’s crucial for narrators to properly convey the brand and allow it to resonate with learners.

Previous Experience

Is your voice over artist experienced with e-learning audio narrations? Feel free to ask them to provide examples of their previous work. This can give you an indication of their abilities and if they will be a good match for the project. Quality narrators will understand the common issues that occur with e-learning and how to address them.

Revision Requests

What is the voice over artist’s revision policy? Even the most seasoned narrator can make small errors, but it’s wise to inquire about their services. Mistakes made by the narrator should be corrected quickly, free of charge, but most narrators charge for script revisions made by the client after the initial recording. What is the typical turnaround time? Is there a surcharge for rush services? These are all questions you’ll want answered before choosing a narrator.

A voice over artist can significantly affect an e-learning course by enhancing its quality and making the content easier to understand and consume. However, it’s essential to hire the right vocal talent for the job to make the course memorable and accurately convey the brand image. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to choose the ideal candidate for the project and make it more engaging and effective.

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