The other day I was talking to a friend who is on one of the on-line casting sites. Like many people he is doing lots of auditions but barely getting any jobs.

So he did some research, listened to the work of the talents who were booking a lot and had a BIG scary Halloween moment of truth.

He heard 5 things they were doing differently that he needed to fix if he was going to up his game.

The first was his audio quality. He was recording from his kitchen table and it sounded like it. Hollow and echo-y, you could even hear a clock ticking in the background.

He thought ” It’s only an audition. They’ll get the idea.”

This was his first mistake. They don’t get the idea.

Voice buyers assume that what you send them is how a real job would sound. They expect every audition to be broadcast quality and if it’s not, they hit delete.

The talent who are booking the most get this. They make sure the audio quality of everything that leaves their home studio is pristine.

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