He’s a big-time producer and director, hiring voice talent almost daily.

So when he told me what happens with some of the voice talent he works with I was shocked.

It’s about scratch tracks.

A scratch track is a reference voice over that a videographer uses to edit their work, primarily for timing purposes.

When a talent has a relationship with a producer, they provide these quick voiceovers as a favor. This builds trust and helps ensure they’ll be called for future paying work.

But my producer friend told me some voice talent respond rudely, insisting on payment for this small favor, and that shocked me.

This obviously doesn’t sit well with the producer. He crosses the talent off his list. The talent that do these occasional favors stay on his list and get called for future paying jobs.

Now I’m not saying you should always work for free. But when a client asks for a quick favor, it makes good business sense to not only help them out, but to do it graciously.

In this week’s Inside Voice Over training blog the subject is how to take direction like a pro to form great relationships with your voice over clients.

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Susan Berkley,
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