Sometimes I daydream about the way life in voice over used to be,

The good part was auditioning live for an agent or casting director.

You could really relax and just be a voice talent rather than having to act and direct yourself at the same time the way it is these days doing voice over from your home studio.

It was also tons of fun recording in the studio with a director and an audio engineer. This still happens today but usually you’re recording voice overs from home.

What I don’t miss is editing reel to reel tape with a wax pencil and a razor blade. It took forever and mistakes were a real pain to correct. I’d have pieces of tape stuck all over the studio and sometimes I’d mistakenly insert them backwards causing the final product to sound like something from the Beatles psychedelic era!

And do you remember stop watches that ticked and sports watches that beeped? They were plenty noisy for timing voice overs but a vintage stopwatch is still a thing of beauty, don’t you agree?

These days every smartphone has a silent timer, and the internet and digital recording changes everything. But even though we have all this fancy technology today, you still have to develop your internal clock to reliably read commercial copy in :30 or :60 seconds.

Timing is the subject of this week’s Inside Voice Over short video training blog where I’ll share my 5 best ways to improve your voice over timing. Click here to learn how to fine-tune this valuable performance skill.

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To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company


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