Once I was the unfortunate victim of identity theft.

The creeps opened a bunch of AT&T mobile accounts in my name and then had the unmitigated gall to not pay the bill.

I discovered the problem when the automated collection calls started coming… in my voice.

Yes, I was the automated voice of the AT&T call center and I gave myself lots of options, except there was no button to press for identity theft much less for a human being who could help.

I hung up and tried again, and again and again, and eventually got a live representative.

She made a note in my record to clear my name and gave me a list of places to call including the credit reporting agency.

I called them and got…my voice.

Welcome to the telephony voice over niche. It’s actually a great niche (this unfortunate incident aside), and I’ve built a long and profitable career out of serving these customers.

So how do you get started? What does it take to be a great telephony voice?

That’s the subject of this week’s Inside Voice Over training video.

Watch this week’s short training video Here Now

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To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company


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