Here’s what my life in voice over looked like today:

1. A re-record of a line in a script where, despite our best efforts, I mispronounced the name of the client company. (Hey, it happens.)

2. Two explainer video voice overs for a paint company. For some unknown reason they wanted my sexy voice. I guess spackle, alkyds and melamine turn them on. And on a somewhat related note…

3. An audition for the inner voice of a woman giving birth. This was high concept. They imagined her as a fierce jungle animal.

All in a day’s work my friend, all in a day’s work.

In this week’s Inside Voice Over the topic is the inside scoop on what it really takes to be successful in this business.

I’ve identified 6 key factors and not one of them has to do with the sound of your voice.

Curious? The answer’s just a click away…

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To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

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